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Lee-Jee-Long-Shan Hermit House

Lee-Jee-Long-Shan Hermit House


L Hermit House

[Self-initiated Project]

House Renovation 

Location: 79 Lee-jee-long-shan Village, Longjing, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China Longitude & Latitude: 30.25262° N, 120.1651° E 

Design Period: November- December 2015 

Construction Period: January - May 2016 

The house is located in a very small alleyway, trapped in the middle by neighbouring houses, causing a lack of access to natural light and privacy. Spatially, due to the limitation in area, every single wall is structural, causing a lack of spatial dynamic. The original house before renovation has a very awkward position in its relationship with the street, e.g. the original door was facing a street intersection and leads to an interior staircase. The design focuses on "windows". It is intended that via window placements and operations, a spatial dynamic is created to adjust the interior relationship with the external environment. Traditionally, a Chinese ‘Hermit house’, as recorded in ancient literature and poems, would celebrate the sense of harmony, tranquillity and internal peace. The house, from an interior perspective, wishes to capture this spirit. 

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